Work Holding

DE-STA-CO was founded in 1915.  In 1936 the company designed and manufactured the first manual toggle clamp.

Innovations, quality and acquisitions have made DE-STA-CO the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and support of clamping, gripping, transferring and robotic tooling solutions for workplace and flexible automation needs.

The family of brands has enabled DE-STA-CO to establish leading productivity improvement and cost-reduction manufacturing solutions for our customers using the breadth of products and value-added services we offer.

Our customer base covers a wide range of industries requiring a global customer service network offering consistent solutions and program support. With over 88 years of experience, DE-STA-CO brings a quality philosophy unsurpassed by its counterparts.

Superior consultation, innovation, engineering, service, distribution, and more, sustain DE-STA-CO leadership status in its industry…with the ultimate result being that we have become your preferred provider of best-in-class partnership and service for you, our Distributors and Customers!


Team DE-STA-CO represents our efforts to provide consistent, standard-setting service and products to every DE-STA-CO customer, regardless of geographic location.  Through this commitment, we are able to draw on our extensive knowledge base to always provide the perfect solution specific to your unique applications.  This progressive global approach to doing business provides a level of expertise unmatched in the industry.


Manual Clamps

Full-line catalog of Workholding Products including Manual, Hydraulic, and Pnuematic Clamps and accessories.
Vertical Hold-Down Clamps
Horizontal Hold-Down Clamps
Straight-line Action Clamps
Variable Stroke Straight-Line Action Clamps
Latch Clamps
Plier Clamps
Stainless Steel Clamps
Manual Clamp Accessories
Manual Clamping Solutions
2002-U207 Vertical Hold Down Clamps
6000 Series Straight-Line Action Clamps
640 Heavy-Duty Straight-Line Action Clamps
605-R Straight-Line Action Clamps
DE-STA-CO Toggle Lock Plus Latch Clamps
DE-STA-CO 3051 Controlled Latch Clamp

Pneumatic Clamps

Standard Pneumatic Clamps
Pneumatic Swing
Pneumatic Clamp Accessories
Automation Power Clamps
9530/9540 Series Pneumatic Swing Clamp
9522 Series Pneumatic Swing Clamp
Pneumatic Power Cylinder Flyer
Pneumatic Power Cylinder Catalog

Hydraulic Clamps

Actuators, Power Sources

Vacuum Products (Cups & Mounts, Venturis, Manifolds)

Vacuum Products including Vacuum Cups, Magnets, Venturis, Spring Cup Mounts and Manifolds
Vacuum Cups
Auto-Release Venturi ARV Brochure
Auto-Release Venturi ARV Flyer
Auto-Release Venturi Multiflow ARV for Porous Products and Texture Surfaces
Auto-Release Venturi Stainless Steel ARV for Clean Room Applications

Sheet Metal Grippers

Modular Gripping Products

End Effector Tooling Components

Tool Changers and Adapters
Tool Changers
ARV Vacuum Module
Round Tooling End Effector System
BodyBuilder™ End Effector System
SpiderGrip End Effector System
End Effector Solutions Brochure
Manual Lift Assist Flyer
Bag Gripper Flyer
Material and Part Handling Solutions

Power Clamping Products

Power Clamps
82L Series Power Clamps
82M Series Power Clamps
Pneumatic Pin Clamps
GDP (Global DE-STA-CO Pin) Pin Clamps
GDP (Global DE-STA-CO Pin) Pin Clamps Catalog
Pneumatic Pivot Units

High Capacity Positioning Slides

High-Capacity Weld Slides


Modular Solutions Brochure
Modular Solutions Flyer
Aerospace Solutions
Appliance Solutions
Transportation Solutions