Medical Equipment

Colder's wide range of quick disconnect couplings help you make cleaner, faster, safer, and smarter medical connections. Standard and custom engineered solutions are available for a wide variety of critical fluid and air handling medical applications including reusable and disposable connection devices in surgical equipment, dialysis, patient monitoring and pressure therapy devices.


Quality FitQuik™ Connectors from Colder Products Company are instrumentation grade fittings that ensure a secure fit in even the most demanding applications.  These fittings feature precise hose barbs and thread forms to ensure the right fit, every time.

ATP has the highest quality polyurethane tubing available in the market today. ATP’s polyurethane tubing products are superior because we use 100% virgin materials for improved performance; never “off spec” or regrind.

Surethane™ NSF 51®  Polyurethane
Fractional Tubing
Metric Tubing

Only the highest-quality materials go into manufacturing our Surethane™ Polyurethane tubing. Different Compounds and Durometers are available upon request.

Imbibe™ NSF 61® LLDPE
Fractional & Metric Tubing

IMBIBE™ NSF 61® LLDPE exceeds FDA expectations with it’s NSF-61 Certification for drinking water applications.

Value-Tube™ Polyethylene
Fractional Tubing Metric Tubing

Value-Tube™ Polyethylene (LLDPE) is an economical alternative for all types of piping applications.

Vinyl-Flex™ PVC
Polyvinylchloride Fractional Tubing

For general, low-pressure, industrial and food applications.

Mercury™ - PTFE
Fractional & Metric Tubing

Mercury™ PTFE offer excellent service in extremely harsh environments. Use PVC for general, low-pressure, industrial and food applications.

Venus™ - FEP
Fractional & Metric Tubing

Venus™ FEP tubing is a more durable alternative to PTFE, yet more flexible. It is UV resistant, abrasion resistant, and virtually chemically inert.

Armor-Weld™ Spatter
Resistant Weld Tubing

MonoShield® Single-Core
Spatter Resistant Weld Tubing

For use in welding or severe-service applications, try ATP's "LE" polyurethane-weld tubing.

Nylochem™ Nylon
Fractional Tubing
Metric Tubing

For applications where heat or chemical resistance is a factor, we offer Nylon.

Manufacturer of Electronic Timers and Interconnection Devices

Canfield Connector is a manufacturer of interconnection devices, electronic timers, connectors, sensors, modules and specialty electronic devices. Their Complete Quality Control Program (CQCP) protects their customers by assuring them of 100% test and inspection prior to shipment of all items produced at Canfield Connector, including electronic timers and interconnection devices. Most items are tested during the manufacturing process and again during final inspection, making our products double or triple tested for function prior to shipment. It is our goal to attain complete customer satisfaction.