Introducing Canfield Connector's EIS Inclinometer and ETS Tilt Sensor

Canfield Connector, a manufacturer of highly engineered connectivity and sensing solutions, expands into new markets with the release of its tilt switch, providing efficient and accurate angle measurement in heavy equipment, mobile equipment, factory automation, construction, solar power and many other applications.

The company’s new Electronic Tilt Switch (ETS) series triggers a precision output based on user defined specifications within 0.5° of accuracy.

The ETS series works similarly to Canfield’s Electrical Inclinometer Sensor (EiS) series, intelligently creating an artificial horizon for measuring the slope, tilt or elevation of an object with respect to gravity.

Applications requiring precise tilt measurements and angle sensing include platform leveling, motion limit sensing, boom angle sensing, cameras, machine arm angle sensing as well as mobile security systems.

Both products are essential to applications that merit alerts or changes in operation when equipment is not at an optimal position.

“Electronic inclinometers and switches enable customers to perform their operations intelligently, enhancing safety, efficiency and overall performance,” said Todd Harmon, vice president of Canfield Industries. “Our customers know they can depend on Canfield’s innovative products to fit their application and meet their critical requirements.”

Some common applications for the EiS and ETS series include:

• Leveling mobile work platforms
• Prevention of overturning, falling or collision of mobile elevated work platforms
• Measuring movements in walls or the ground in civil engineering projects
• Adjusting the optimal angle for solar panels
• Measuring the angle and height of drilling in well logging
• Controlling boom angle and boom height of automatic control sprayers in agriculture
• Measuring range of motion in the joints of the body

Both the EiS and ETS series are designed and manufactured in Youngstown, Ohio. Each device passes through a rigorous and extensive testing process to ensure reliable performance.

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