Industry 4.0 Transducerized System from Kolver

K-Ducer is the new A-class intelligent transducerized assembly system from Kover, the electric tool pioneer since 1989. The system consists of an advanced state-of-the-art controller and a range of hand held and fixtured KDS electric screwdrivers with torque capacity up to 133 inch lbs (To be extended to 443 inch lbs. soon!) 

KDS Electric transducerized tools cover all assembly line requirements for an accurate, high-quality torque and angle controlled tightening experience. A built-in compact transducer provides torque control with excellent repeatability.

KDS screwdrivers feature unsurpassed ergonomics, soft touch design, status LED's, temperature protection combined with full traceability and error-proofing capabilities. Available in straight, pistol and fixture configurations.

KDS Tools are the ideal solution for your Industry 4.0 production line. Built in LED lights give you immediate feedback on each tightening process, i.e., you'll be able to check at a glance whether the part is correctly tightened or not. KDS screwdrives work in combination with KDU control units to gather, analize, and process detailed assembly information. Their built-in transducer continuously reads torque and position of the screw and sends the gathered data to the KDU controller for analysis.

Ask about the Kolver K-Ducer system for your assembly and automation requirements!